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Animals are all creatures other than ROBLOXians on Survival 303. They typically have 4 legs, with the exception of Chickens, which are bipedal. They all wander around aimlessly, occasionally bumping into something, but are most of the time not harmful to you. Some will attack you when hit, like lynx and Bento Buck. Teraphyx and cave lynx are the only animals that attack without warning. They can be deadly, but if you stay away, they will relent.

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Bento Buck


Main article: Bento Buck

Bento Bucks are an animal exclusive to bento island, they attack if damaged. These have a thin horn on their heads, which is how they attack and be distinguished from Bento Deer. Bento Bucks are exclusive to Bento Island, and drop Bento Hide. The Bento Hide can be made into Bento Leather, which can be used to make different armors. These animals can be saddled. To make Bento Leather you tan it by processing it.

Bento Deer


Main article: Bento Deer

Bento Deer are exclusive to Bento Island, not unlike Bento Bucks, and share the Bento Buck's appearance, excluding the horn. These are passive. They run away when harmed as opposed to the Bento Buck, which is aggressive and harms you. The Bento Deer can be saddled. These animals drop Bento Meat when killed.



A Rockma on Rockma Island

Main Article: Rockma

Rockmas are exclusive to Rockma Island, and give this island its name. Rockmas are aggressive when you attack them, like Bento Bucks, and will harm you. Hovever, the Rockma does five times the damage of the Bento Buck. They are gray quadrupeds with spikes on their back, and therefore cannot be saddled. They drop Rockma Hide, an item used in armor.



A Teraphyx on Teraphyx Island.

Main Article: Teraphyx

Teraphyx are a medium-sized black unicorns native to Horseshoe Island, or Teraphyx Island(note that these are the same island), dwelling in the bay there wandering about aimlessly. If you even go close to these, they attack you. They have a black hide with spikes like that of a Bento Buck, and cannot be saddled. These drop Raw Teraphyx Meat when killed. Teraphyx Meat is harder to get than Bento Meat. Teraphyx Meat, when cooked, turns brown.



Main Article: Chicken

Chickens are a small bipedal winged fowl that reside on the Mainland. They drop Feathers and Raw Chicken when killed, and have an extremely low health. Chickens have either white or a tannish feathers, and in the wild spawn Eggs at the Nests they spawn near. Chickens are the only animal present in any Building, being shown in the Chicken Coup and Hen House, but purely as a prop. They are also the smallest of the animals (being slightly more than 2 cubic studs in volume), and cannot be saddled because they are too small to hold one on top. Chickens can be hatched from eggs by Processing it with a nest. After some time, the eggs hatch into a chicken. This makes a chicken the only animal that can be spawned on an island they are not native to.



Main Article: Cow

Cows are the largest of all the animals, and are docile creatures that graze grass in the middle of Mainland. These creatures are strong and can resist lots of damage. Cows drop Raw Beef when killed, and can be Milked to obtain dairy products like Cheese. Cows have a large brown hide, no spikes and a large pink udder on their underside, which is where a Milking Pail must be aimed.


Update 5.0

Lynx and their den.

Main Article: Lynx

Lynx are a creature native to Lynx Island that is among the least-known creatures in the game. The two small Lynx drop Lynx Hide but don't drop Lynx Meat when killed. Another lone lynx can also be found in the far corner of mainland in a forest. Two Lynx can also be found inside Magma Island. These Lynx here however are called Cave Lynx and will always drop Lynx Meat upon death.

Cave Lynx are aggressive and will attack you even if you have not angered them, but lynx meat is one of the few foods that can be cooked in a forge making it a valuable food source if you live on magma island.


Turkeys are found everywhere during the thanksgiving event.

Drops:Raw Turkey

The fat turkey, its very fat compared to a chicken.

When consumed it will restore 12 hunger and lower health by 25 (raw), when cooked it just gives the same amount of hunger. Turkey has 3 portions(both).

Cave Lynx

Main article: Cave Lynx

The cave lynx is a special animal close to extinction living specifically on Magma Island. These Cave Lynx are different from normal lynx, which live on Lynx island. Cave Lynx, like their cousins, the lynx are very territorial and will kill on sight of a ROBLOXian being trespassing in its cave. Cave lynx's drops are unique from regular lynx as they drop lynx meat not lynx furs. This makes lynx a valuable food source at Magma Island where food is scarce.
File:Cave lynx.png

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