Apple Juice
Apple Juice
A refreshing beverage
Portions 3
Stats Gained Per Portion 2/10/0
Recipe Glass Cup + Apple x2
Crafting Station Culinary Table
Uses Beverage, decoration

Apple Juice is a beverage in Survival 303.


Apple juice is the best juice in the game, as it restores more hunger and thirst than any of the other juices—giving 2 hunger points and 10 thirst points per portion, for a grand total of 6 hunger points and 30 thirst points. The hunger value exceeds both the hunger and thirst value of the apples used to create it, making it a good choice for those with little food to spare.
Before stained glass was added, Apple Juice, as well as other juices, was useful for being made into decorative walls or structures for a stained glass look. This, however had the issue of someone possibly drinking the wall.