Apple Pie
Apple Pie
A tasty snack, don't eat it all in one go!
Portions 6
Stats Gained Per Portion 30/0/0
Recipe Dough + Apple + Apple
Crafting Station Bakery
Uses Food, Feasting, Trading

Apple Pie is a food item in Survival 303.


An apple pie is a source of food that can be mass-produced in Survival 303. It is crafted by using one dough and two apples. It has 6 portions, two more than bread, and fills 30 hunger each portion, compared to 25 per portion for a berry pie, or 9 for bread. This is why people prefer Apple Pie rather than berry pie, as it gives 30 more hunger than its purple inferior. You can cook your Apple Pie with something as simple as a open fire or with a stove top, to insta-cook your pies with a low chance of burning.


  • Davidii2 likes the survival series to remain realistic and back when times were simple. This is why there is no cake or french fries in Survival 303. Pie was an exception, because Davidii2's friend requested it.

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