The stone arrow. All arrows look the same.


Stone Arrow: Small Stick + Cut Stone

Iron Arrow: Feather + Small Stick + Refined Iron

Steel Arrow: Feather + Small Stick + Refined Steel

Skill Requirements

Crafting 2


Ammunition for select ranged weapons

An Arrow is a type of ammunition in Survival 303.


Arrows are a type of ammunition in Survival 303 that are used by the majority of weapons requiring ammunition. Arrows are ammunition for the crude bowlong bow and the yewbeam bow. They are a very inexpensive type of ammo, but can be very costly if you use the steel or iron alternatives, owing to the fact they require feathers. It also can be made on any island with a source of bush stumps/sticks and a source of stone.

To load an arrow, place it on the ground, equip the bow, and click on the arrow. There are also iron and steel arrows, which do more damage than the stone version. To use a different type of arrows, use the current up arrows in your bow and click the new type with your bow.
While making arrows can become tedious at times, it's definitely worth it to have about 8 arrows loaded into your bow, possibly with a quiver, in the case if you're being raided, or if you want to raid someone.

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