Recipe Stone Wall + Stone Wall + Stone Wall + Charcoal + Oil + Thatching
Crafting Station Stainless Workshop
Uses Cooking Building, Shelter, Water Source, Bread-Making, Refining Ores/Alloys

A Bakery is a building in Survival 303.


A bakery is a building used to cook food, and in particular, bake bread. A bakery has a built-in well, mill, and stove, meaning one can mill flour, get water to make dough, and promptly bake the bread with the oven. A bakery can also be replicated by making a sandstone hut, putting a sandstone well and a stove inside, and then putting a mill outside. This, however, does not look nearly as good as the original building, and requires you to enter and leave the building when you want to use the mill.

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