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 Basin Isle
Basin Isle




 Small trees, bushes, berry bushes, wheat, apple trees.


 Bento deer and bento buck



Bodies of water


Rocks and ores





New Map

Basin Isle is an island in Survival 303.


Basin isle is an island located in the new map. It is quite small with little building space, and has no rocks or ores. It is the second place on the new map that you can find bento deers and bucks, and it also has oil located just off of one of its shoreline. Despite the small amount of building space, it is often inhabited. It is also a spawn point, making defense difficult.

Survival Tips

  • It is difficult to live on Basin Isle due to the amount of building space and due to it having a spawn point in it. But you can manage all of that if you are good in surviving, though it's still difficult.
  • You can earn some sort of skills around due to the island itself is easy to live on. But just don't make a forge and say that you want to start out with smithing at once on this island, step by step.
  • You also aren't going to need to bring many stuff with you as this island has some good ol' bunch of trees, but it's still not enough to make a building or two. There isn't any stone, and you aren't going to get too far without it.

Pros and Cons


  • One of the only places to get wheat
  • Oil close by
  • One of two places to find bento deer and bucks
  • Flat island for buildings
  • Newbies often stay here


  • Spawn point
  • Often inhabited
  • Not a lot of building space
  • Few trees to provide building materials
  • No rocks or ores

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