A Bento Buck is an animal in Survival 303.


The Bento Buck has a brown body and four long legs. It looks similar to the Bento Deer, but can easily be distinguished by its tan horns.

Habitat and Population

About three Bento Bucks inhabit Bento Island. The bucks are accompanied by Bento Deer.


They roam randomly, occasionally getting stuck in nooks on the island, such as rocks and small trees. When attacked, they engage with the attacker, using their horns in defense. Whereas, their female counterparts run when damaged.

Hunting Strategies

Bento Bucks aren't as easy to hunt as deer. Moreover, when they are hit with a weapon, they turn towards you and start doing damage.

As for all creatures with bare backs, saddling is a good method to easily kill it. After positioning the seat towards its head, sit and you may attack. This way you take as little damage as possible while having a good shot at the head. Or, simply standing upon the buck and attacking the head works, though you may get thrown off.

High-damage weapons, like Iron or Steel Swords, are effective against bucks. However, due to the buck's low damage output, a simple Battle Club will do the job.


Bento Bucks drop a Bento Hide on death. This can be turned into Bento Leather by crafting it next to a Primitive Design Table.

(Remember, bucks don't drop meat!)