Bento Island
Bento Island
A bird's eye view of Bento Island.




Bare trees, large trees, bare bushes, berry bushes, dried bushes


Bento deer and bento bucks


 Low and grassy with small hills

Bodies of water

 Two ponds

Rocks and ores

 Two rock piles with small stones




Old Map

Bento Island is an island in Survival 303.


Bento Island is a grassy island with low hills and is a spawn point. There are forests near the edges with berry bushes and ponds within, and in the center is a hilly, open area where bento deers and bento bucks graze. There are also two rock piles with small stones and dead bushes.
It has a central position in the map, making it a great place for trading as there is a multitude of islands surrounding it, each notable for having a lot of resources. 
The deer will not hurt you, and will instead run away when hit. They drop bento meat when killed, which can be cooked into Bento Venison. Their male counterparts, bento bucks, will hit the player with their tan horn if hit. And will also drop a bento hide when killed, which can be tanned into bento leather. Bento leather is mandatory for creating armors in Survival 303. It itself, can be crafted into leather armor

Tribe Survival Tips

This island has everything you need to survive. There's wood and stone for tools and buildings, berries and bento deers for food, bento bucks for armor, ponds for water, and foliage for composts. Plenty of space as well. The only problem is, the island has no natural fortifications like cliffs and plateaus, it's in the center of the map, and it is a Spawnpoint. This makes the island a popular target for raids, especially if there's a newbie tribe lacking defense power, or not even having any defense.
To survive, you'll have to wall off the island and create a strong tribe. You should also have decent weapons. Spawners should be given a chance to join, quickly make a raft, or swim off. Don't kill them because this island is very commonly visited and very easily seen, revengers may want snipe you from boats and generally build a bad rep. Once you have a stable tribe and a strong hold on the island, you can begin trading venison and leather for ores and other useful products. Farm herbs from flax or mainland, so you can spice the meat, increase its value, and double the hunger restoration. Other things like wheat and apples can be farmed here as well.

Solo Survival Tips

Try to be inconspicuous. Raiders raid the plumbest-looking turkey (tribe) of them all. (WIP you may add on to this)

Pros and Cons


  • Plenty of food
  • Water
  • Plenty of building and tool-making materials
  • Good amount of space
  • Leather and venison are good for trading
  • The mandatory item for armor creation
  • A lot of building space; largely flat
  • Stones


  • Spawn point
  • Visited often
  • No natural fortifications
  • No ores to advance technology

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