The Berry, a common food item
Portions 1
Stats Gained Per Portion 1/1/0
Islands Found On Bento, Magma, Paradise, and Crescent
Method of Obtaining Foraging or farming
Uses Low-level food item

A Berry is a food item in Survival 303.


Berries are the most common food in the game. They can be found within the cliff walls of Paradise island, on the grassy part of Magma island, around the water holes on Bento island. Berries grow on bushes, with each bush growing 9 berries, making them easy to reproduce.
They can be farmed on small compost/fertile small compost at level 1, and are easy to reproduce and find, thus making them ideal for training your farming. However, the berries can easily pop off the bush and roll/fly away. Planting berries on fertile compost does not effect how many berries are grown.
Despite the fact that berries only replenish a small value, they are often used as a primary food source by newbies. They also roll around and bounce quite easily, so they should be stored in granaries.
Berries can be pressed into berry juice, which replenishes your thirst more than plain berries, or baked into a berry pie, which restores a lot of hunger points.

You should be careful when farming berries close to a wall,as the surface of the berries can stick to them,resulting in bushes frequently glitching into oblivion, sometimes dragging you into the void with them if you are standing on them.


  • A berry.
  • A glass of berry juice.

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