Berry Pie is a food item in Survival 303.


Berry Pie is a food in Survival 303 that can be mass-produced. It needs to be cooked before eating. Berry Pie has six portions, each giving 25 hunger points, for a total of 150 hunger points, 70 more than Bread. Berry Pie requires a Cooking Skill of 3 to make. It should be noted that berry pie is the less nutritious of the two other pies, apple pie and pumpkin pie (Halloween only). Many people prefer making bread since it takes a long time to burn and it doesn't require any cooking skill at all to make. It is also strongly advised to use a stove to cook this, as pies have been known to burn easily. Berry pie can also be eaten raw, at the expense of health points.

Although it may be tedious to make, especially upon the fact of how unstable and ecstatic the berries are. It is also recommended to hide these in a building, as the bright color can attract unwanted attention.