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Blargium is an item in survival 303. It is rumored to be obtained by finding a hidden island far off the map.

If you are lucky enough to get some Blargium, by admin or otherwise (Blargety [A Survival 303 developer] confirmed that there is an area with it, but its rumored to not not be on the normal map but rather off) there is something you can do with it, enriching it. Rumor's have led to say the island it is found on has green magma, and when combined with Blargium you will get the enriched dust. The next step in the processing is to then cook the enriched dust, but make sure to back up when you cook it because it will explode! The only blargium item in which the players know of is the blargium knife stick. No further information is known about it. This page will continue to be updated..


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