Pure Bluesteel
Recipe 1x Teraphyx Dust, 1x Charcoal, 3x Stainless Steel, 1x Refined Gold
Crafting Station Quality Design Table
Uses Made into tools and armor
  • Bluesteel is an alloy metal in Survival 303.


Bluesteel is a metal that is the most complex item to craft in Survival 303. It is one of the two most powerful metal, it is in the same tier as mithril. Every tool made of bluesteel (excluding the bluesteel knife and bluesteel ignitor) is capable of instantly killing a player. Bluesteel has an intense shadeof blue, which makes it highly distinguishable from other types of weaponry.

Bluesteel is usually valued more than mithril, due to its strength. This makes bluesteel exceptionally valuable. However, bluesteel armor slows the player down much more than mithril armor would. Thus some players may be reluctant to trade it for mithril.

Bluesteel Tools

The Bluesteel tier consists of 8 items which are:

  1. Bluesteel Sword. This sword hits extremely hard and is the most powerful weapon in all of Survival 303 with the exceptions of explosives. It has quite a simple recipe, similar to the mithril sword. It can also kill players that are wearing leather or rockma armor in one hit, assuming you hit their head.
  2. Bluesteel Spear. This is one of the best weapons in game, it is excellent for rounding off players with swords, because of its high damage and it's long range.
  3. Bluesteel Javelin. It is quite an impressive tool to have, with an impressive damage. It's range is longer than all the other javelins.
  4. Bluesteel Hatchet. This is another one of the tools that could be considered as a weapon and a tool. It has the same damage and speed of the mithril sword and will be 100% successful. This means that there is no bluesteel axe because it would be pointless.
  5. Bluesteel Pickaxe. This is one of the last items recommended to make because it has the same rates as a mithril pickaxe, but capable of instantly killing. It also has a slower reload time than the mithril pickaxe.
  6. Bluesteel Knife. This is the only weapon in the bluesteel tier that can't instantly kill a player. It deals around 85 damage and is the absolute last thing that is recommended to make from bluesteel.
  7. Bluesteel Igniter. The Bluesteel Igniter is the best non-admin tool for making fires. It looks like a ladle that's coloured blue. It is an amazing fire starter that barely ever fails. It is worthy of getting if you want to raid and time gunpowder explosions right, although two flint and steel has the same chance of burning.
  8. Bluesteel Armor. Bluesteel Armor is the best armor in the game in terms of protection, making you almost impossible to kill by anyone but a very skilled and well-armed player. However, it slows you down significantly. It is not recommended to raid using this, because your enemies will be able to flee while retooling their buildings before they burn. This makes Mithril Armor superior in most scenarios. However, bluesteel may be preferable when fighting those with mithril or bluesteel, as the armor does give more health than Mithril Armor..


  • Bluesteel is an alloy, meaning it is crafted and not found.
  • Bluesteel tools are the most powerful tier of tools, but are slower than their mithril counterparts (except for the Bluesteel Pickaxe, which is faster).
  • The bluesteel tier was added on the Friday #2 Update.
  • Many players like mithril more than bluesteel, due to mithril being much easier to obtain. This is why few players bother obtaining bluesteel.

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