Archived: The subject of this page has been removed from the game.
Bluesteel Hatchet
Bluesteel Hatchet
The best hatchet available.
Recipe Anvil + Small Stick + String + Pure Bluesteel
Crafting Station N/A
Uses Chopping, Combat

A Bluesteel Hatchet is a tool in Survival 303.


The bluesteel hatchet is one of the rarest tools available to players. It has no fail rate when chopping wood and has damage and speed equal to the mithril sword. This makes the bluesteel hatchet a very good hybrid between a sword and an axe. Bluesteel hatchet used to be an admin only item, but the release of bluesteel being a legitimate tier means that it is now craftable with a simple recipe.

Area Damage Output
Head 140
Torso 70
Leg 40
Arm 30

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