Bluesteel Javelin
Bluesteel Javelin
A pointy blue stick for lobbing at people.


Anvil + Yew Handle + Pure Bluesteel

Skill Requirements

Smithing 6, Carpentry 3


Intimidating and Ranged Kills

A Bluesteel Javelin is a long-ranged melee weapon in Survival 303.


The bluesteel javelin is the most powerful javelin available. It, like the mithril javelin, is capable of dealing an instant kill on an unarmoured player, although this does as much damage as a mithril sword (albeit with a massive reload).
It is great for intimidating players and forcing someone to give their stuff to you. It can also be used as an alternative for people who are not so keen on crossbows and yewbeam bows, but have a good aim so they can attack from range. It also is great for naval battles, as they may attempt to flee in a superior boat. It isn't very powerful however, as crossbows and yewbeam bows fare far better as a ranged weapon.

Area Damage Output
Head 140
Torso 70
Leg 52.5
Arm 35

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