Bluesteel Pickaxe
Bluesteel Pickaxe
The new Bluesteel Pickaxe


Anvil + Handle + Pure Bluesteel

Skill Requirements

Crafting 3, Smithing 6


Mining, melee weapon

A Bluesteel Pickaxe is a tool used in mining in Survival 303.


A bluesteel pickaxe is the second best pickaxe there in Survival 303. It mines with a 100% chance of success, like the mithril one. It also does 100 damage on a head-shot, enough to kill an un-armored player. Due to the updated meshes, it looks like a blue pickaxe.

As a result of both this and the mithril version having the same chance of mining, this is less seen as the mithril pickaxe has a shorter reload time, and the fact the bluesteel pickaxe only does more damage makes the mithril pick far better, as defensive weaponry is already filled out by the sword.

Area Damage Output
Head 130
Torso 65
Leg 48.75
Arm 32.5


  • There was a myth that bluesteel pickaxe has the ability to double mine a single ore. This has been proven false.
  • Originally, this wasn't going to be added, as it was merely a slower version of the mithril pickaxe, which is cheaper.

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