Bluesteel Spear
Bluesteel Spear
An example of the bluesteel spear


Yew Handle + Pure Bluesteel

Crafted At



Killing and Intimidating

A Bluesteel Spear is a long-range melee weapon in Survival 303.


The bluesteel spear is the most powerful spear in the game. This means that it can be used to intimidate others, simply because it is bluesteel. It is also great for killing people due to its immense damage. Due to the increased range and damage of the spear, it can be used to kill someone jumping around or someone faster than you.

It is not recommended to make this first because of the price of bluesteel; other items such as a bluesteel hatchet will be just as effective as a mithril spear, because it's equal in range and is capable of instantly killing un-armored players. This also applies with some of the other, less useful, bluesteel items such as the bluesteel pickaxe or the bluesteel javelin, as well as the bluesteel ignitor.

Area Damage Output
Head 140
Torso 70
Leg 52.5
Arm 35