Bluesteel Sword
Bluesteel Sword
The infamous Bluesteel Sword.


Pure Bluesteel + Pure Bluesteel + Refined Chromium

Crafting Station



Attacking people, murder, intimidation

A Bluesteel Sword is a melee weapon in Survival 303.


The bluesteel sword is the most powerful sword in Survival 303. It is one of the most expensive items in Survival 303, with only reinforced bluesteel armor being even more valuble. If you see someone wielding one, you should not try to confront them.
It is capable of doing the 3rd highest damage possible, beaten only by crossbows and Yewbeam bows while wearing a woven vest. It is capable of two-hit killing cows and teraphyx although it does much more than half their health. It's shade is intense like bluesteel, making it easily visible. It is useful for intimidating players. It has a 1.3s rest time, 0.4s longer than the mithril sword.

Area Damage Output
Head 200
Torso 100
Leg 75
Arm 50

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