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A commonly found foodstuff in survival 303, especially where wheat grows naturally.
Recipe Cook Uncooked Bread
Crafting Station N/A
Uses Food item, trading item

Bread is a food item in Survival 303.


Bread is a food crafted from dough. It is very simple and easy to make (though slightly tedious), as well as filling, easily stored, and easily shared among others. It has 4 portions, and as it is eaten it grows smaller, unlike other foods in the game, changing from a whole loaf to 3/4 of a loaf to half a loaf to a slice. Each portion restores 9 hunger points, restoring a total 36 hunger points.
Bread can be cut into 5 slices with any knife, making sharing easier, and increasing the portions, without decreasing stats, gaining 9 total hunger points for basically free. Unlike other baked goods, it cannot be cooked on a stove.
Bread is one of the most common and well-known foods in the game, often used as a tribe's main food source and is great for trading.

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