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A commonly found foodstuff in survival 303, especially where wheat grows naturally.



Stats gained per portion



Cook Uncooked Bread

Skill Requirements

Crafting Recipe: N/A
Stove Top: N/A


Food item, trading item

Bread is a food item in Survival 303.


Bread is a food crafted from dough. It is very simple and easy to make (though slightly tedious), as well as filling, easily stored, and easily shared among others. It has 4 portions, and as it is eaten it grows smaller, unlike other foods in the game, changing from a whole loaf to 3/4 of a loaf to half a loaf to a slice. Each portion restores 20 hunger points, restoring a total 80 hunger points.
Bread can be cut into 5 slices with any knife, making sharing easier, and increasing the portions, without decreasing stats, gaining 20 total hunger points for basically free. Unlike other baked goods, it cannot be cooked on a stove, but fortunately has a long burn time, meaning that it will take a lot longer for it to burn compared to most foods, making cooking easy.

Bread is one of the most common and well-known foods in the game, often used as a tribe's main food source and is great for trading.
Roblox Survival 303 How to make a bread02:18

Roblox Survival 303 How to make a bread

A quick 2 minute tutorial on how to make a bread

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