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Burnt food
Burnt Food
An example of burnt food



Stats gained per portion



"Cook"certain foods that have already been cooked

Skill Requirements



Can be eaten when there is a lack of food, losing health.

Burnt Food is a food item in Survival 303.


Burnt food is almost any food that has been near open flames for too long. It is black in appearance, and will restore as many hunger points as cooked food but your health will decrease by 25. For example raw bento meat will decrease health by 10 but burned venison will decrease health by 25. The portions will still be the same.

To stop food burning, first of all you need any uncooked food and a stove. You click the stove top in your crafting menu and the food you want cooked, then click process. It will cook food, howevver if your cooking level is not high enough, it will burn, and many foods cannot be cooked this way (bread, eggs, etc.). Burning food on the stove will not raise your cooking level.