Cacti Wall
Cacti Wall
Hurts you if you touch it!


Prickly Pear Leaf + Prickly Pear Leaf + Prickly Pear Leaf + Prickly Pear Leaf

Skill Requirements

Architecture 2, Crafting 4


Weak defense fence

  The Cacti Wall is a low-level defense building in Survival 303.


Cacti walls are used as a defense building, as they do a small amount of damage to a player if they collide with it. The gaps between the walls are big enough for a player to walk through, however, so it is not very useful to keep out rival tribes. The cacti wall is also the height of a player, so to be effective, there would have to be two or more walls stacked on top of each other. The surface of the wall is welded, so things can stick to it similarly to how welded wood can stick to cliff walls. They are very fragile. They are also somewhat rare, being that the materials required can only be found on one island. It is one of the only walls that can do damage, the other being the superior Spear Wall.

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