Note:This food is an event only item
Candy Cane
Candy Cane



Stats gained per portion


Islands found on

Paradise, Teraphyx

Method of Obtaining



A Candy Cane is an event-only food item in Survival 303.


Candy canes are a special edible seasonal item. They each contain 1 portion and heal only 1 hunger point, making them a poor food choice. If planted on a Small Compost, they will grow into three candy canes, but do not grant any farming experience for planting.


The candy cane was a default item found during the 2012 Christmas event. It was found inside your inventory, and restored a single hunger point once consumed.


In 2013, candy canes no longer spawn in one's inventory on arrival, and are now found on islands, usually near a water source.

Along with regular candy canes, it was possible to find rare candy canes which restore a much higher amount of hunger, but cannot be farmed and have long respawn times.

The regular candy cane restores 1 hunger, can be farmed, and respawn naturally every 2 minutes, quicker than any other item in Survival 303.

The iron candy cane restores 10 hunger, and will respawn every 8 minutes, making it the only Candy Cane which can be used as a somewhat reliable food source.

The steel candy cane restores 25 hunger, but only respawns once every 32 minutes.

The gilded candy cane restores 50 hunger each, and respawn once every 64 minutes.

The mithrillite candy cane will restore 75 hunger, and have a long respawn time, respawning every 128 minutes (Just over 2 hours).

Finally, the scarfion candy cane will completely restore your hunger, but are very rare and they respawn every 256 minutes (Over 4 hours!).

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