Canyon Island
Canyon Island




Bare bushes, bare trees, berry bushes, dead bushes




High around the middle, low around the shore

Bodies of water

Spring inside of a cave

Rocks and ores

Coal and Sulphur



Canyon Island is an island in Survival 303.


Canyon Island (sometimes referred to as Ore Island) is made of two islands. The smaller island has berry bushes, trees, and bare bushes. It has two coal veins. The larger part of the island has more coal veins, a Sulphur vein, and a source of water. There are two caves in this part; one containing the water, Sulphur, and two coal veins, and the other is called the Spirit of Halloween Cave. The island is mainly stone-based, though there is a grassy shore line, and this is where the elevation is lowest. However, there isn't a lot of room for buildings. There are also spawn points on this island, one on both parts. It is a very short swim away from Mainland.

Survival Tips

The food and water on this island are separated, and therefore, a boat of some sort is recommended. One of the best places to live is inside of the cave with the Sulphur and coal. The top entrance can be blocked with a Medieval Wall, leaving only the entrance that is accessible by boat. The cave is also a good place to make bombs, and a soloist can trade coal and Sulphur to people on mainland and other islands.

Pros and Cons


  • Houses Sulphur, a decently rare resource.
  • Not often settled on provides some peace.
  • Spirit of Halloween Cave makes for a great hiding spot


  • The same peace of not being usually settled on is disturbed by the fact the island houses a spawn point.
  • Only one water source.
  • Only natural food that can be found on the island is berries.
  • Hard to defend by a tribe.