A group of carrots on Spring



Stats gained per portion


Islands found on

Teraphyx and Spring

Method of Obtaining



Food item, Farming booster

A Carrot is a food item in Survival 303.


Carrots are one of the uncommon items in the game, only found on some islands. They are found in groups of three like onions. The use of carrots is for making all kinds of stew and farming. Carrots can be crafted into carrot seeds. Carrots can be found on Teraphyx and Spring. Carrots also give one health point, meaning using them in a stew can be used to create makeshift medicine. Their leaves are also edible, but only gives 1 hunger point.
If you don't live by a wheat source and have under three farming,then these are great for farming. If you farm 9 at a time, it'll restore a total of 144 hunger points and will give you level 3 farming already. These are also great if you hate mess (created by farming berries) because these are much cleaner and mess-free.

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