Carrot Leaves
Carrot Leaves
The green leaves are edible. Yay?



Stats gained per portion


Islands found on

Old Map: Spring and Teraphyx
New Map: Crescent, Jungle, and Stonewall

Method of Obtaining



Tiny snack

Carrot Leaves are a food item in Survival 303.


Carrot leaves are the green blocks on top of carrots, and like the carrot, they are edible. They are mostly worthless, but can buy you some time if you are starving with no food. They do not burn for long enough to cook anything, and are not used in any crafting recipes. Therefore you cannot trade them, as people buying food will expect something that will last them a while. Most farmers just eat the tops when harvesting the carrots, even if they have a full hunger bar, as they have so little use. If you eat the tops of these without harvesting the carrots, the carrots will become extremely unstable.

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