Marvellously useless!
Recipe Plank x3 + Wood Seat
Crafting Station Iron Workshop
Uses Moving items

A Cart is a land vehicle in Survival 303.


A Cart is one of the two vehicles of the game which transports other people or items. It improves engineering skill. The cart is not commonly used, because of its tendency to fall into the ocean. Also, its only slightly faster than a player, making a trading cart, or whatever you're using the cart for, easily raidable by those with weapons. Another con is that it cannot be retooled, like the catapult. So, if a tribe decides to move from Mainland to Plateau, they will have to leave their carts and catapults they might have made behind or go through the struggle of getting them on a boat and keeping them on. Despite its problems, it is useful for leveling up the engineering skill (though a catapult raises it more), and you can place a hut on it to create a "Mobile House". It can also be attached to animals when done correctly. If you have a knife and couple of planks, you can make a cart into a cleaner to push loose items into the ocean or in a place it won't cause problems, giving a slight use to it. It is still practically useless.

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