A catamaran
Recipe Hull + Hull + Plank + Small Tree Stump + Sail
Crafting Station Harbor
Uses Fast sea vehicle

A Catamaran is a sea vehicle in Survival 303.


A catamaran is the second to fastest boat in Survival 303, travelling at 40 walkspeed or 10 walkspeed below the Junk’s maximum acceleration. It is prefered to the junk due to instant acceleration and turning speed. This boat is often stolen due to it being quite rare, so put it in a fireproofed harbor if one is available. Otherwise, simply keep a close eye on it and have a good weapon available—preferably a ranged weapon, as the thief will likely attempt to speed away on it.


  • By fireproofing the seat and hull attached, and then burning the rest of the boat, a raft-looking ship is left behind. This may fool people into not taking it, though those with a good eye can still identify it as a catamaran. This will also allow the catamaran to drive above sand.
  • Even though it is much faster, many people prefer the sailboat as their boat of choice, as it takes some effort to get the materials and harbour necessary for the building of a catamaran.

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