A Catapult is a land vehicle in Survival 303.


Catapults are slow vehicles capable of throwing projectiles far distances. It can only travel at 12 walkspeed, slower than the usual 16 walkspeed. A catapult can be a very valuable tool in warfare, transportation, exploration, and even biological warfare. Catapults are also one of the two land vehicles that a player can craft. Catapults can have any array of ammunition, from a small stone to a large tree stump. It is made of wood, so it's recommended that you fireproof it. Like all vehicles, it cannot be retooled.
Players can also be launched using the catapult, though using a seat to do so is recommended, as you will travel faster and farther than simply standing in the catapult's basket. A more conventional use is to fire bombs. Bombs fit right into the slot—however, this is not recommended, as it can waste bombs, due to the fact that aiming is all but impossible. Furthermore, the fuse may detonate the bomb while in mid flight, and warn the besiged village while doing no harm to it. A recent update has made them slightly faster than before

Roblox Survival 303 Catapault Tutorial

Roblox Survival 303 Catapault Tutorial

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