A Boat is a sea vehicle in Survival 303.


Boats are very important. If you have a boat then you do not have to swim. Boats can not be retooled so if someone steals your boat then you have to steal it back, or just burn it. All boats built by you upgrade the shipbuilding skill.


Rafts are important for beginners that do not know how to make a better boat, or for those who need to get to somewhere quickly, and do not have enough swimming skill levels to get there by swimming. It requires level one shipbuilding to make. They travel at 20 walkspeed.

Large Raft

A large raft is like a raft except bigger and slower. A large raft is good for making into custom boats, or transporting animals (see animal carrier at Inventions). Large rafts are used for various basic custom boats, as the larger boats tend to be more common for custom boats late game. They require level two shipbuilding. They travel at 15 walkspeed.

Sail Boat

Sailboats are the 4th fastest boat. If you want to minimize lag, fireproof the hull and seat and burn the rest. Level 3 Shipbuilding is required. They travel at 30 walkspeed.

Large Sail Boat

Third fastest boat in the game. One of the ships with multiple seats for more people. This boat requires level 5 Shipbuilding and level 3 Crafting skill. They travel at 35 walkspeed.


Fastest ship in the game. Level 4 Shipbuilding is required. They travel at 40 walkspeed.

Merchant Frigate

Behold the largest ship in the game. Made by the skilled shipbuilders. Level 7 Shipbuilding is required, as well as level 5 Crafting. They travel at 20 walkspeed.

War Sloop

A relatively new boat, which looks like a merchant frigate. Requires Shipbuilding 9 and Crafting 6. They travel at 36 walkspeed.

Super Boat

The admin-only boat, obtainable only by an admin or during an event. It notably resembles a catamaran, only without the sail and mast. They travel at 20 walkspeed.


An admin-only boat, obtainable by an admin. Has a similar speed to the Catamaran, and contains many resources.