Archived: The subject of this page has been removed from the game.
A cauldron
Recipe Refined Iron x3 + Small Stone
Crafting Station Iron Workshop
Uses Making custom stews

A Cauldron is a building used for cooking in Survival 303.


The cauldron is a building used to make Soup/Stew. It was added on 6/13/13 in an update that also included the ladle. The cauldron used to be an admin only item that was only given from Santa.
The cauldron must be filled with water before making any stew. After filling it with water, any edible food item can be put into the cauldron, with no limit on how much. Putting more in will increase the amount of portions. However, no matter how much you put in, it will restore the same amount of hunger.

Note: A ladle is needed to serve the contents into a clay bowl.

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