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While many games make-do with the default chat, Survival 303 is unique with its chat gui. Besides just shouting so loud everyone can hear you, there are also other features hidden in the dark, secret depths of this wiki. It can be used for many things such as declaring a business or a secret message.

Types of Chat

Default Chat

As we all know, you shout so loud that everyone on the map can hear you. While on typical games, your username will be in a specific color (like mine will be in orange). On this one, it completely negates the gray and that color and replaces it with an interesting font and bold white.

Tribe Chat

Tribe Chat is another kind of chat. It is said by saying "/t [insert message here]" and, it can only be said if you joined or created a tribe. This message goes through everyone in the tribe. When receiving one, it will be in red reading "(TC) [message here]". Tribe messages will appear in a red color.

Private Chat

Private chat is the third kind of chat. It only goes to the person who is meant to receive it and anyone who manages to stand next to you to read it. Usernames can be shortened (for example, saying 'play' instead of 'Player1') as long as it's long enough to match only one player. Just type "/p [insert playername here] [insert message here]" for you to send a private chat. If all goes right, your chat shout should be different than your regular chat.

Whisper Chat

When using this kind of chat, the only people who can see it is the person who is speaking and anyone around them. You must type "/w [insert message here]" for you to talk in Area Chat.

"/Store [insert any tool here]"

This chat type is sometimes a lifesaver. Just type "/store lum" to save your lumbermill in the lighting! Anyways, you could also just say "/store all" to store everything you owned into a safe place. You can store any tool (includes buildings) in a safe place after pointing the object out. It can be shortened, like instead of saying "store/mithril pickaxe", you could just say "/store mithril p" instead. If you want to take it out again...

"/Take [insert any tool you stored here]"

This is the same as the "/store" chat. You can shorten it, and you can also say "/take all" if you want. The only restriction is that the only way you can take an object is if you have it stored already.


This chat is Admin-only. Any editor of the game/admin/mod can chat in neon blue and draw the attention from people, since this contrasts the boring whitish-gray colors of the chat interface. It is done by saying: warn/<name>/<message>. This is not used often though, as m/ works better for attracting attention.

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