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Feather and Raw Chicken

A Chicken is an animal in Survival 303.


There are two distinct genders of chickens. Hens have a dull brown color and drop raw chicken and a feather. Roosters are a vibrant semi-orange/nougat color and only drop Raw Chicken.

Habitat and Population

Chickens are animals native to Mainland and Snowpeak Island. There are usually three hens and one rooster in every chicken "pod".


Hens are passive; they will run away if they are attacked. If you hit a Rooster with a club or stone knife, they will attack back, damaging you by 5 hit points per hit.

Hunting/Farming Tips

Chickens are one of the easiest animals to kill. Battle Clubs and higher can instantly kill. If you want to farm chickens you must have at least level 4 Farming. You can then craft a chicken coup, which deposits eggs. Later, you can upgrade and build a hen house and hatch chickens and eggs. You could also make some delicious fried chicken using some raw chicken and corn meals on a stove.

They also are the only animal that can be fully farmed, making it possible to take them to different islands without having to ship them, which only can be done by taking a one stud area item and attaching it to the chicken to increase height, making it possible to push them.


  • Raw Chicken
  • Feather (Hen only)
  • Eggs (Nearby, Chicken Coops)


Name Crafting
Chicken Coop Small Bush Stump x2 + Nest + Egg > Create Tool
Hatch a Chicken Nest + Egg > Process Item
Hen House Wall x2 + Plank + Large Leaves + Thatching > Create tool
Cooked Chicken "Cook" Raw Chicken
Fried Chicken Stove Top + Corn Meal + Raw Chicken > Process Item


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