The second rarest mineral in game.
Islands Found On Snowpeak, Rockshard, The Volcano, Magma, Plateau, Phei, Waterfall and Cenote
Method of Obtaining Mining
Uses Advanced smithing

Chromite is an ore in Survival 303


Chromite is a shiny white ore, and is used to make a stainless steel and Blue Steel tools. Chromite will spawn in 3 locations, out of the 9 possible locations, per server. It looks like a lighter version of bluesteel mix while unrefined. It's also the second rarest mineable ore in the game. The resource is unknown to many players, and the positions of its veins are very well hidden, some requiring a light source. Chromite is prized for its rarity and use in the creation of stainless steel. It is also used in the creation of Bluesteel Armor, Reinforced Bluesteel Armor and Bluesteel swords, much like mithril and gold. Chromite ore requires a Steel Pickaxe or better to mine.