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Small Compost

Small Compost
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Small Leaves + Process

Crops Planted Here

Berries, Carrots, Flax, Onions, Herbs

Small Compost is a type of compost used to plant smaller plants such as Flax and Berries. It is about 2/3 the size of a Large Compost and is created by Processing Small Leaves. After some time, the leaves turn to a flat piece of a brownish-looking substance. That, my friend, is plant food right there. Once the compost is created, one can Farm these plants. The format is plant, Seed,# of plants made.

Berry : Berry : 1 plant

Carrot : Carrot Seed : 3 plants

Flax : Flax Flower : 2 plants

Herb : Herb : 4 plants

Onion : Onion : 3 plants

Prickly Pear : Prickly Pear : 1 plant

Candy Cane:Candy Cane: 3 plants (event only)

Large Compost

The Large Compost is used to grow other crops that don't use small compost. It is created by processing large leaves.

Wheat: Wheat Seed: 6 plants

Pumpkin: Pumpkin Seed: 1 Plant

Apple: Apple : 1 Plant

Corn: Corn: 3 Plants

Note: Some of these plants like Pumpkin are only found at events like Halloween.

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