No corny jokes please.



Stats gained per portion


Islands Found on

Old Map: Mainland
New Map: Farmer's

Method of Obtaining

Foraging or Farming


Fried Chicken(Corn Meal),Corn Meal, Quick snack when wandering around on Mainland, Corn on a stick(Sticks are nutritious?)

Corn is a food item in Survival 303.


Corn is a rather uncommon food found exclusively on the Mainland on the old map, and on Farmer's island in the new map. It gives a reasonable amount of hunger and can be used to make cornbread. It has the second-highest farming skill requirement to plant it, the other being mushrooms. If you decide to settle on the Mainland without a farm, you should settle near corn by the Mainland coast, for the Corn itself gives plenty of hunger and the chickens also provide delicious chicken and eggs. Additionally, you have easy access to both the items needed to make delicious fried chicken. Corn meal is made by dropping an ear of corn into a mill. Corn meal can be eaten raw (only 1 portion, 5 per portion), but also made into breading for fried chicken and corn bread. Corn can be traded fairly easily, but the resources you can get for them is minimal. Trading corn in a large supply will get you more stuff than trading just one. Another recipe is corn on a stick, which, as the name implies, is just a small stick and a piece of corn crafted together. A tip is that it is easier to trade corn with people who are not living on the Mainland, where corn is native. Corn grows on or near the sandy shores of Mainland. As with the apple, since it has 2 portions, one portion can be eaten, and the corn can still be planted. The stalk of the corn can also be traded for some things, but small things.

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