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Corn On A Stick
Corn on a Stick
Because sticks are obviously edible.



Stats gained per Portion



Corn + Small Stick

Skill Requirements

Crafting Recipe: N/A
Stove Top: N/A


Food, training the cooking skill, an excuse to eat wood

Corn on a Stick is a food item in Survival 303.


Corn on a stick is exactly what the title suggests, it is corn combined with small stick, and like corn it has 2 portions, but however due to the fact that sticks are obviously edible and nutritious, the added stick restores 3 extra hunger points per portion, restoring a total of 12 hunger points, and the whole food being 6 points more nutritious than regular corn. For people on mainland, it is a good way to level up cooking, as the supplies are plentiful. It also looks exactly like regular corn.

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