A source of beef, milk, and milk related products.


Old Map: Mainland fields
New Map: Farmer's Island








Raw Beef


Cows are large, nougat brown animals with a round head, thick torso, and long legs. Underneath their torso is a very light pink block, which is the udder.

Habitat and Population

On the old map, cows live only on Mainland, in two herds of 3 in the meadows between the mountains and caves. On the new map, they live in the middle of Farmer's.


Cows roam about the fields, stopping every few seconds to 'eat' grass (though there is no animation) and change directions. They strive to stay near their spawn point, making them hard to transport.

Cows will run away if they are attacked, but this depends on how many times you damage it. If you damage it once, it will only run away once, and then return to wandering; if they are damaged twice, they will keep running away, etc.

Hunting Strategies

Cows are relatively easy to kill, since they do not deal any damage. But, they do have high health. A high-damage weapon, such as a sword, is useful. Saddling, putting a seat on a cow's back, works on them quite easily. Although putting a seat on a moving cow is quite tricky.


The light pink block under a cow's torso is the cow's udder. With either a crude milking pail or a milking pail a player can click the udder and, eventually, get some milk. The wooden, crude milking pail only gives 1 milk, while the iron milking pail gives 2 milk. The speed of milking increases as the player's farming skill gets higher.

Milk can poured into glass and drunk, or cooked on a stove into young cheese, then put in an iron cheese bin to create delicious mozzarella cheese.


Cows drop raw beef when killed. It is the best meat in the game, and is also considered one of the best foods in the game. It's best to cook it, since eating 6 portions of raw meat will probably kill you. When cooked, it has 6 portions and restores 15 hunger points per portion, making a total of 90 hunger points restored.


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