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Crafting is a skill in Survival 303.


Crafting is a skill which specializes in creating tools. Crafting is one of the principal skills in the game because it also the general level on how many recipes the player will be able to make.

EXP Guide

Crafting EXP can be gained by crafting various common items, such as leaves. A fast way acquire more EXP, start by making hemp, rope, and string. You could also use 2 wheat and craft thatching or wheat bundles. After that, you could make dyes, buckets, and sails. Since crafting is associated to almost everything, you'll be able to make almost all the recipes (though you may need other skills for certain recipes).

Level Requirements

Note: Level 1 also means that there is no skill required, as it is the default level that you start with.

^: Item has been removed from the game


Crafting Level Tool Unlocked
1 Canteencrude rodclub
2 Bucket/crude milking pail, firemaking bow, stone knife/axe/pickaxe (also requires masonry 2), iron cheese bin (also requires smithing 2), crude torch, slingshot
3 Crude bow (also requires carpentry 2), milking pail, long rod, net, clay container, gold jug (also requires smithing 6), crude oil filter, oil torch, steel knife (also requires smithing 3), mithril knife (also requires smithing 5), yewbeam bow (also requires smithing 5 and carpentry 6)
4 Long bow (also requires carpentry 3), lantern
5 Crossbow (also requires smithing 3), oil filter

Items and Armor

Crafting Level Item Unlocked
1 Flag set, string, rope, hemp (made with small leaves),
2 Sail (also requires shipbuilding 3), glass cup, clay bowl, fabric, dye^, flag /colored flag^, fuse, iron arrow, arrow
3 Carpet, hemp (made with large leaves), leather armor, bolt
4 Bomb (also requires engineering 2 and chemistry 3), quiver, rockma hide armor

Structures and Vehicles

Crafting Level Building/Vehicle Unlocked
2 Chicken coup (also requires farming 2), large raft (also requires shipbuilding 2), mud hut, mud well
3 Sail boat shipbuilding 3, catamaran (also requires shipbuilding 4), Large Sail Boat (also requires shipbuilding 5)
4 Cacti wall (also requires architecture 2)
5 Merchant frigate(also requires Shipbuilding 7)
6 War Sloop(also requires Shipbuilding 9)

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