Crescent Island
Crescent Island
A new addition to the 303 world
Size  Medium
Plants Large trees, small trees, berry bushes, bare bushes, onions
Animals  None
Elevation  Low around the shore and valleys with medium-height cliffs
Bodies of Water  Small ponds
Rocks and Ores  Mithril, Iron, Small Stone
Spawn?  No

Crescent Island is an island in Survival 303.


Crescent island is an island included in the new map of Survival 303. It is a grass-based island, but contains some rocks. There is a good amount of open space, as well as some trees and bushes . Onions grow on the cliffs of the island. Inside the valley area are some berry bushes. There are also iron veins in a small cave. Mithril can sometimes be found here.

Survival Tips

If you wish to survive here alone, fishing is recommended, as the onions and berries are barely adequate for a single person.The small pond in the closed off area can be used instead of a well. For tribes who wish to live here, farming is highly suggested, along with fishing, as a way of getting food. Though there is a good amount of iron and stone, coal will need to be imported to obtain steel-tier buildings and tools. The place is pretty safe, due to it lacking a spawn and being relatively far from other islands, making it hard for amateur raiders.

Pros and Cons


  • Rare resources (mithril)
  • Far away from other islands
  • No spawn point
  • Trees, bushes, stone, iron


  • Little building space
  • Little food
  • Far away from other islands