Crescent Island
Crescent Island
A new addition to the 303 world




 Large trees, small trees, Berry bushes, bushes, Carrots, Onions


 Field Lynx


 Low around the shore, high among the cliffs

Bodies of water

 Small ponds

Rocks and ores

 Mithril, Iron, Small Stone piles




New Map

Crescent Island is an island in Survival 303.


Crescent island is an island included in the new map of Survival 303. It is a grass-based island, but contains some rocks. There isn't a lot of sheltered building space, but the island is far out, as are the rest of the islands in the map.
Located inside of the small closed in area (bottom left in the picture), are Large trees, berry bushes, a pond, small trees, and some field lynx. There is also a place that leads down into the island.
Carrots grow on the ledges of the island, as well as the onions. The rocks are all located in the same area. There is also mithril here, but you will have to find it yourself.

Survival Tips

  • If you wish to survive alone, then the onions, carrots, and berries should be enough to sustain your hunger. The small pond in the closed off area can be used instead of a well.
  • For tribes who wish to live here, farming is highly suggested, along with fishing, as a way of getting food. Also because the island is far off, so trading would take a lot of time.
  • The place is pretty much safe, due to it not being a spawn and being relatively far from other islands, making it hard for amateur raiders.

Pros and Cons


  • Rare resources (field lynx, mithril)
  • Far away from other islands
  • No spawn point
  • Good amount of food


  • Little building space
  • Far away from other islands, hard to maintain a trade relationship

Maze Hint

  • Use the middle cave entrance

When you find this narrow passage, go through it; behind it is the exit.

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