The infamous crossbow
Recipe Med Handle + Refined Steel + String x2
Crafting Station Forge
Uses Powerful ranged weapon

A Crossbow is a ranged weapon in Survival 303.


A crossbow is the 2nd-most powerful long-ranged weapon there is in the game (followed by the long bow, and beaten by the Yewbeam bow). It does the same damage as a mithril sword, but with a 10 second reload time (reduced to 6 seconds with a quiver). It can also hit foes from distances exceeding 100 studs, making the crossbow a very powerful weapon when properly used.
This weapon is commonly used by raiders because of their ability to intimidate others quite well, although it can be used for defense when you have appropriate structures to delay attackers from closing in to distances where melee weapons would perform better.
It is rather expensive to make because of the fact that it costs one steel for its bolt as well as its initial cost of one steel for making it. However, when used with a woven vest, it can do more damage than a bluesteel sword, although exact figures are unknown. This is often used by steel/iron tribe people and it is highly recommended to use a quiver as this does have a super long reload.

Base Damage Default Ammo Iron Arrow Steel Arrow Reload Range Max DPS
Crossbow 65/71* 10 (Bolt) - - 10/5.2** 120/168* 21.6
*  Using Woven Vest
** Using quiver

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