Crude Bow
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Handle + String

Skill Requirements

Carpentry 2, Crafting 3


Short-range weapon

Archived: The subject of this page has been removed from the game.
A Crude Bow is a ranged weapon in Survival 303.


A crude bow is a ranged weapon. The ammunition used for the crude bow are arrows, and comes pre-loaded with three. The damage that the crude bow does is quite low, as it has a base damage of 20 HP. This value depends on what arrow is used and what area it hits. It is recommended to make a long bow instead, as the only difference between them is that a long bow uses a medium handle.

Base Damage Default Ammo Iron Arrow Steel Arrow Reload Range Max DPS
Crude bow 20/25* 10 (Arrow) 20 30 6.5/4.5** 75/105* 18.3

*  Using Woven Vest
** Using quiver

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