Crude Milking Pail
Crude Milking Pail
Resembles a bucket


Small Bush Stump + Rope

Skill Requirements

Crafting 2


Milking Cows

A Crude Milking Pail is a tool in Survival 303.


The crude milking pail is a tool for milking cows and harvesting milk. It is used by clicking the cow's udder. It takes one or two minutes to milk the cow. The higher your farming level, the faster the milking process is, and milking the cow will increase this skill. It only gives one milk, which makes young cheese when cooked. It is made the same way a bucket is made, and looks the same as a bucket. It's successor is the iron milking pail, which gives two milk instead of only one. Because milking a cow can be tedious, the crude milking pail is not a common tool that most players carry around. It is, however, a great way to raise your farming skill if you don't want to farm using composts and seeds.

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