Death is an occurrence is Survival 303 when the player is killed, in a number of ways. Upon death players lose any tools they have out or armor they have on.


There are many causes of which one can die, many include the following:

Neglected Stats

The main way players die is because they forget to watch their hunger, thirst and health stats. Any of these reaching 0 will cause death when the games refreshes. A way to prevent death via this method is to refill any of these stats before the game refreshes.

Animal attack

Many animals are aggressive or neutral and will attack to kill players or defend themselves. Their attacks reduce the players ROBLOX health until they die. Animals Include: Teraphyx, Bento Buck, Rockma, Cave Lynx and Chickens, the most dangerous of them all!

Other Players

Other players may attack you, causing your health to lower until you die.


Drowning occurs when the players sits at under the surface of the Ocean for too long. Their health lowers by 50 over time. It can be prevented by restoring health by drinking Herbal Remedies.

Unhealthy or Poisonous Food/Drink

Unhealthy food or water can be consumed causing players health to deplete. Most only lower your health by 1, such as ponds, while poisoned food will set your health to 1 immediately. Some dangerous consumables include:


Other means are means that weren't listed or are otherwise random, these include death via: