Desert Island
Desert Island
The Ultimate Beach for Ultimate Beach Parties.




Prickly Pear Cacti




Low with sandy hills and dunes, very high at the sandstone mountain

Bodies of water


Rocks and Ores

Gold, Coal, Blargium and Mithril




Old Map

Desert Island is an island in Survival 303.


Desert Island consists of two parts—the desert and the sandstone mountain. It has a large, shallow shoreline. The desert section is made of sand, with many small dunes and hills. There are clusters of prickly pear cacti scattered about, a plant with edible fruit, the only source of food and water on the island. The sandstone mountain is made of sandstone, and has ledges at various elevations. It has sandstone on the ground near it and on the ledges, and takes some time to climb. The desert mountain allows you to see the entire map, making it great for scouting and warning the tribes living there. It takes 22 ladders to get to the top of the mountain, making dual welded planks the more sensible option for those planning on living there.

Desert island is one of the hardest islands to survive on, as it has no direct water source, limited food, and no natural wood source. But, it has plenty of space, rare ores, and is not visited often. It also has several mounds of sandstone around the mountain region.

Survival Tips

Main article: Guides:Desert Island

Before coming here, you should have, at the least: small and large compostsapplewheat, and other seeds, a well of any kind, a stock of food, and perhaps some fishing tools. You should also have a 3+ farming level, high architecture level, and good masonry level. If you don't plan on using sandstone for building or want to build a castle, bring stone/wood. It is easy to run out of water here, so the first thing you'd want to build is a well, and make multiple.

You can either use ladders and settle on the mountain, or build a fortress on the dunes for your settlement. This is the formula for mass-producing sandstone buildings: 24 sand can be made to 8 sandstone, 8 sandstone can be made to 4 bricks, 4 bricks can be made to 2 walls, and 2 walls can be made to make a sandstone hut or well. In order to figure out the amount of sand you need to make more than 1 well or hut, do 24 times "amount of huts and wells".

If you live in the desert, it's rather hard to be connected with other tribes. It's a secluded life, so if you live here it's a safe-ish place to live if you're paranoid. It's hard to get to and it'll be a drag to go to other islands. The closest island is probably Goldrock, which is hardly ever inhabited. There's enough room for a large tribe, though, as long as you can produce enough food through fishing, farming, and trading.

Pros and Cons


  • No spawn
  • Rarely visited by others
  • Far away from other islands
  • Has gold and mithril
  • Sand/sandstone is fireproof


  • No direct source of water
  • Very little food
  • Far away from other islands
  • No natural wood source

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