Archived: The subject of this page has been removed from the game.
Farmer's Island
Farmer's Island
Farmer's Island
Size Large
Plants Small trees, large trees, small bushes, corn, apples
Animals Cows
Elevation Sandy on the shore, low on the grass
Bodies of Water None
Rocks and Ores Small stones
Spawn? Yes

Farmers Island is an island in Survival 303.


The name implies it, it is an island which is mostly inhabited by beginners due to the fact that it has a spawn point on it, and that it is fairly easy to live on.

Farmers island is similar to Mainland, as it is the second version of it. Except it is on the new map and it is near the center of the new map, where as mainland is not in the center. Farmers Island is, as the name implies, a great place to farm. It has almost of all the necessary supplies to farm, along with lots of open space to farm on.

Survival Tips

  • This island is a perfect place for beginners. It has a spawn point, and even if you don't spawn there it still has all the necessary things for starting out. (Not starting out in the game, but just starting out in the server. Still great for newbies though.)
  • You won't need to bring anything, as there is pretty much everything you could need already there. Trees are plentiful on the island, as well as stones for more advanced activities. There are also some apples, which are possible to live off of. Just a tree or two will refill some of your hunger and thirst.
  • You will want to start out by increasing carpentry, then architecture. Get some weapons and start advancing through different tiers. Although it is good for beginners, eventually you will outgrow the island. It is advised you leave once you have decently advanced gear.

Pro's and Con's


  • Only place where cows spawn in the new map
  • Uncommon resources (Dirt, corn)


  • No direct water source
  • Spawn point
  • No ores

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