Fertile Large Compost
Fertile Large Compost
A Farmer's best friend.


Large Compost + Woodchips

Crafting Station

Stainless Compost Bin

Crops planted here

Wheat, Apples, Corn

The Fertile Large Compost is a version of the Large Compost, but is more efficient in quantity of resources, and the time it takes for crops to complete growth.


The Fertile Large compost is a piece of large compost, that is fertilized.

It is created by processing a Large Compost piece with Woodchips. The Fertile Large Compost is rarely found, as many tribes and players never find the time to create it, nor know it exists.

Once a piece of compost is fertilized, it takes a decently higher level to plant a crop, an example would be apples, normally taking skill level 2 farming, but taking skill level 5 farming when planted on Fertile Large Compost.

Overall, the Fertile Large Compost is useful in many ways, it improves the quality of farms, aswell as being more efficient.

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