Note:This item is only available during an event.
It looks like a rope.

Recipe (During Event)

Small Stick + Hemp + Gunpowder

Skill Requirements



Signals and Aesthetic Use

A Firework is an event-only item in Survival 303.


Fireworks were released on December 30, 2012, presumably to celebrate the upcoming new year. They were a limited edition item which has been removed after the holiday.

  • They now become available every 4th Of July (Per 2013)

Fireworks may be lit after being placed by clicking on them. They will rise into the sky and explode in a colorful blast, although the explosion is purely aesthetic and cannot harm people or structures. There are three different kinds, although you get them randomly. One sprinkles "sparks" into the air, another flies into the air and explodes randomly, while another explodes in a beautiful circle.They may also be used a signal flare(e.g. a warning for war, a help signal,)

Sparkler Firework, Survival 30300:38

Sparkler Firework, Survival 303

The "Messy" Firework, Survival 30300:05

The "Messy" Firework, Survival 303

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