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Note:This set of items no longer exists in the game
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Flag Set

The flag set, the item to create a flag.

Flag sets are a way to symbilize your tribe. You can make them all the colours of dye if you'd want.


When making this set, you'll need flax, string, and a handle.

To make fabric, you'll need 3 flax and 1 string in that order of crafting. Press create item and you'll get the fabric. Don't worry about dying it yet, that's for later.

To make a handle, craft 2 small sticks, 2 small bush stumps , or 1 small tree stump.

After you have the 2 fabric, craft handle + fabric x2, then create item. If you have the dye you want it to be, then click the flag set and the dye and press create tool in crafting.

(There only known things you can make with fabric are carpet and flag set.)

You can make your flags in these colours:

  1. Red (Raw Bento Meat)
  2. Blue (Flax Flower)
  3. Orange(Carrot)
  4. Green (Small leaves)
  5. Purple (Berry)
  6. Black (Oil)
  7. Yellow (Egg)

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