Flax Flower
Flax Flower
An amazing herb.



Stats gained per portion


Islands found on

Flax Island and Goldrock Island

Method of Obtaining

Foraging or Farming


Making herbal remedies, farming flax

A Flax Flower is a food item in Survival 303.


A Flax Flower is a small, blue, flower that grows on top of Flax. It is used for planting flax on Small Compost and, in crafting and Herbal Remedies. Flax Flower carries the distinction of being the only flower in the game. They can also be eaten for a very slight amount of Hunger and Thirst restoration, along with a health restoration of 1, allowing for an emergency revival for poison or drowning. The Flax Flower is one of the oldest gameplay elements added to Survival 303.

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