Flax Island
Flax Island


Very small


Flax, herbs, bare trees, and bare bushes.




Very low, small two islands, separated by a real small saltwater stream

Bodies of water

Small pond

Rocks and Ores

Small stones and a single Coal vein in the corner




Old Map

Flax Island is an island in Survival 303.


Flax island is a small island that is close to Bento Island, Paradise, Teraphyx, Spire, and Plateau. It is one of the two islands which grow natural flax. It is small, but not as small as Goldrock Island. This island also grows natural herbs, and has one vein of iron ores. It also has five trees and a few more small bushes. It also has a natural water source as well. However, the only edible things are the herbs, flax flowers, and the water from the pond.

Flax is divided in two parts by a saltwater stream which has got undrinkable salty water in it. On one side is the trees and flax, the other side is the iron, stones and herbs. It is not recommended to settle here, since there is a spawn point on it and it is close to a lot of islands. Not forgetting the fact that it is really small and barely has got enough building space. Flax Island is a very common and convenient way to obtain iron.

Survival Tips

Flax is not the best place to settle, but if you are going to settle you will need a source of food. You can use the leaves to plant the flax flowers and get enough food, and the herbs and the water pool will compliment each other since the herbs reduce thirst but the water pool reduces health. Iron is easy to obtain quickly on flax, since rocks, trees, and iron is within easy walking distance. Because of the small amount of diverse supplies, it makes this a great place to start the game.

Since Flax has a spawn point, you can never truly defend your tribe, but you could pick up new members if they are willing; this is another reason Flax is better for just starting out but not for a permanent settlement.

Pros and Cons


  • Close to other islands
  • Uncommon resources (flax and herbs)
  • Close to oil deposit
  • Lots of people to keep you company
  • Natural coal vein
  • High reputation


  • Spawn point
  • Little building space
  • Little food
  • Often visited

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