Archived: The subject of this page has been removed from the game.
Possibly the most used skill in the entire game, this is one of the few skills that have no association with the
construction of an item, other being the swimming stat,  Foraging affects the speed at which you can pick up items in the world of survival 303. All items have a base value for the time it takes to lift and place the item into your "bag of holding" style backpack. Every time you forage something, the time to forage something is removed around a tenth of a second from the original time. Foraging larger items like large tree stumps makes your foraging bar go up faster then foraging an egg would.

What Can Be Foraged(Raw Material)

What Can't Be Foraged

  • Water Sourced(Ponds)
  • Deathwater
  • Ore(Unless Mined)
  • Large tree stumps (Unless cut down)
  • Boulder(Unless Mined, Made Or From Quarries)
  • Buildings
  • The Ocean
  • Other Players
  • Live Animals
  • Magma Island Lava
  • Tools
  • Person
  • Any sort of land (Excluding sand)

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